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We've all seen the videos online and didn't know where to start.   We at Northwest FPV can point you in the right direction and give you the advice you need to make an educated decision.

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Not only do we host flying events and races, but we also know of many places you can fly legally and safely in the Portland Metro Area

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Hundreds of experts await your questions on our Facebook and Meetup groups.  In addition, we also host occasional build days where people can come to ask questions and see it happen for themselves.



A little about Northwest FPV


    The long-long-ago - Pre-2014

    Before true racing drones, large slow moving multirotor aircraft took to the skies in the form of custom arduino based contraptions.  Sometimes these copters would be so make-shift, that they were made of wood.  Technology in this space started moving rapidly.  New products coming out every couple of days gave way to a dynamic melting pot of configurations.   Drone meetup groups became flooded with makers and people looking to take this to the next level.  Racing was born out of a need for speed.

  • In its infancy - 2014-2015

    "The Pool Noodle Shortage of 2014"

    People gathered in any open space they could find.  Pool noodles and PVC set up over their conceptualized course.  Formed into gates, pylons and other crazy obstacles to fly under, through or around.    Quickly, it was clear that we needed more durable and faster aircraft. Luckily, technology was moving as fast as our desire for speed.

  • 2015-2016

    The MiniQuad

    The QAV250, The blackout and soon after the clones.   These copters gave way to a more consumable and durable way to race.  These copters could hit a pole, a wall, the ground at considerable speed and after you picked the mud and grass out of it, all you ended up replacing was inexpensive propellers.   YES!  We are now able to focus on skill, speed, agility.

  • 2016-present

    The glory days of 2016

    We can finally call this rag tag group of enthusiasts a sport.  Now when get together, it's more than just a meetup, it's an event.  We have structure, purpose and competition.  Our aircraft are tuned, batteries charge, and fingers are jittery with nerves.  Technology has paved the way for us to focus on the job at hand.   Let the fun begin!

    NOW WE RACE.  


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